DC vs KXIP Dream11| DC vs KXIP | DC vs KXIP Dream11 Team|

DC vs KXIP Dream11| DC vs KXIP | DC vs KXIP Dream11 Team is brought to you by cric11forecast
DC vs KXIP Dream11| DC vs KXIP | DC vs KXIP Dream11 Team| is second match of idream11 ipl and includes match preview for dc vs kxip from the ipl or the Indian premier league dream11 ipl 2020

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DC vs KXIP Dream11| DC vs KXIP | DC vs KXIP Dream11 Team|


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    King of analysis😍 Congrats 150k subscriber 😍 And 230k view on mi vs csl match congrats Brother incredible😍

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    Bro yr analysis is top class.. Dropped big guns Hitman Poly & Pandya brothers... & my c vc Faf & Rayudu... Got good rank in 15crore...🥳🥳rank 1 is not far from our family..❤❤

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    हमेशा की तरह सटीक विश्लेषण,.. hats off to you piyush bhai.. 👏❤️.. best analysis in fantasy world. Lots of love bro.💥❤️ Keep rocking.. stay healthy & happy bro.. piyush bhai aapse baat krne ka koi jriya ho to btane ki kripa kre😊

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    Your analysis is too good, works almost all the times

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    Thanks bhai.

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    Yesterday was not good sir but this does not mean we stop playing there will be some days in life that our cric11 forecast will be at the forefront 🔥🕊️ we all are with you forever 🤝🧑‍🤝‍🧑👭👬

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    Thanks to you sir for giving us such a awesome & best match analysis... Really salute to you sir..

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    Fantastic analysis..... Did not come across better analysis.... You have a telegram channel?? Would like to see your team's...

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    Brother u always give very usefull advice

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    BASAVARAJ B K2 ਸਾਲ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Nice video 😊 ,, bro pls provide after lineup out shortlist arround 17 players it helps pls pls in telegram

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    Amazing video full analysis ❤️

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    You simply are awesome..waiting for next ipl video srh vs rcb. Hope you would nail it too..

  18. Debula

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    Shikhar Dhawan got out so unexpectedly . Seriously 😐 I’m fed up

  19. Prashanth Rao

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    wonderful bro your prediction was awesome but didnt get more points from captain and vice captain hardik pandya and rohit others where awesome...

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    Excellent clearrrrr analysis bro...... Really superbbbb....